Fiberglass Stakes with Mark

2021-08-21 18:17fiberglass stake fiberglass rod

Strong Composite flexible maintenance free fiberglass stakes for fruit trees nursery allow movement during windy conditions; yet limit the range, to reduce permanent damage during high winds. This natural movement stimulates root establishment and allows for maximum growth. The fiberglass stake includes a UV coating, which allows for maximum life in the field.

• Manufactured from E-glass fibers that allow for flexing without breaking.

• UV protector on each fiber on both interior and exterior of stake.

• Flexible as bamboo, but will not rot or fray. Strong and durable as steel, but will not rust.

Product Type: Fiberglass rod stakes

Material: fiberglass reinforced polymer

Surface: smooth

Shape: straight in specific length with one pencil end

Length: not limited

UV property: UV inhibitor with or without polyester surface veil

Application: fruit trees nursery

Packaging: bundles and pallets

Advantages of Strong Composite Fiberglass Stakes are:           

• Will Not Rust or Rot                               

• Will Not Crack Due to Cold

• Flexible with Wind, Snow and Ice

• Faster, Easier Installations by Machine or by hand

• Re-usable                   

• Helpful in reducing chafing and cankers

• Helpful in reducing Gummosis

Labor saving!No re-staking!No leaning trees!No Trees Damage! All Saving!

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