Fiberglass Vineyard Grape Nursery Training Stakes

2021-08-21 18:03fiberglass stake fiberglass rod

Strong Composite fiberglass stakes are made of high strength E-glass fiber with polyester resin with UV protector on each fiber on both interior and exterior of stake.They are flexible as bamboo, but will not rot or fray. Strong and durable as steel, but will not rust.

Product Type: Fiberglass grape stakes, vineyard stakes

Material: fiberglass reinforced polymer ( GFRP)

Surface: smooth

Shape: straight in specific length with one pencil end

UV property: UV inhibitor

Application: vineyard grape plants training stakes

Packaging: bundles and pallets

Benefits of Pulwell fiberglass vineyard grape stakes are:           

• Will Not Rust or Rot                               

• Will Not Crack Due to Cold

• Flexible with Wind, Snow and Ice

• Faster, Easier Installations by Machine or by hand

• Re-usable   

fiberglass stake fiberglass rod