Fiberglass Rod UV and Chemical Resistance

2021-08-05 15:25Fiberglass rod

Fiberglass Rod is a composite material with unique characteristics making it useful in a wide variety of applications.Most rods are composed of polyester resin and fiberglass. These composites can be formed into practically any shape by using the pultrusion process.

Through the pultrusion process it is possible to vary the resin system and enhance the glass content properties in order to meet a wide range of demanding requirements for specific designs and applications. This flexibility with the resin mix makes pultrusion material easier to work with, longer lasting and a safer product for the end user than other materials.The composite matrices determine the characteristics of each grade.

Because pultrusion material is lightweight and strong, it is often much more efficient than steel, aluminum or structural timber. Pultrusion is up to 75% lighter than steel, but just as strong.


● Corrosion resistant

● Non-conductive (thermally & electrically)

● Light weight - 25% Of Steel, 70% Of Aluminum

● High-strength

● Good Tenacity

● UV Resistant Inhibited

● Non-magnetic electromagnetic transparency

● Dimensional stability

● Long life cycle

● Lower long-term cost

● Low maintenance

● Ease Of Fabrication & Installation

● Wide Temperature Range Use


Liberty Pultrusions stocks many sizes of pultrusion rod in several shapes including:

Round (.080 inch diameter through 4 inch diameter)




STRONG Composite has produced fiberglass pultruded rod for use in many types of applications across various industries.From the sporting goods industry to agriculture to the oil and gas industry, we can deliver quality pultruded rodding so you can complete your project and be satisfied with your work.

Below are a few examples of applications for pultrusion fiberglass rod that Liberty Pultrusions has produced:

● Dry Type Transformer Spacers

● Snow Poles                 

● Flag Sticks

● Yard Markers

● Gripper Rods

● Tool Handles

● Utility Poles

● Marketing Sign Poles

● Golf Flags

● Motor Wedges

● Awning Stiffeners

● Oil Field Sucker Rods

● Sports Equipment

● Tent Poles

● Fence Post Stiffeners

● Standoff Insulators

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fiberglass rod frp rod

fiberglass rod frp rod