11/16" Fiberglass stake with diamond polyester veil

2021-09-08 13:31 fiberglass stake

Length 6, 7, 8, 10, 11,12,15 feet

Diameter 11/16"

Materials: resin , E-Glass and polyester veil


-Will never rust

-Lightweight but very strong and durable.

-Won’t rot or split.

–polyester veill make the surface more smooth,no hurt to hands


-UV and Chemical Resistance.

-Re-usable. Will last for many seasons

-Easy to install with the sharpened end

-Easy to cut to any length

Maintenance free,they will not rust or rot and can withstand seasonal temperatures from hot summers to cold winters. Each fiberglass tree stake has a UV protector in each interior and exterior fiber of the tree stake. Fiberglass stakes, unlike bamboo, are perfectly smooth. Meaning, they reduce tree damage, chafing, and cankers while allowing maximum tree growth potential.

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