3/4" Fiberglass stake with diamond polyester veil

2021-08-05 15:25 fiberglass stake,fiberglass tree stake

Fiberglass stakes are naturally suitable for humidity environment, will not rot or rust and no pest problem. Specially handled, fiberglass stakes resist UV, will not be fragile after long time sun exposure. Its reinforced roving and mat features great strength for heavy duty planting support.

Reduced tree defects: Keeps your stock growing straight.

No staking drawbacks: Flexibility encourages larger caliper, robust roots and stronger stock.

Longevity: UV inhibitors, flex glass fibers.

Durability: Will not rust, split, freeze, rot, or peel like paint.

Pointed ends for easy insertion at no extra cost.

Economical: With fewer defects and no need to replace every year return on investment in as little as one year.

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