Fiberglass Fence Post Electric Fence Post

2021-08-05 15:24 Fiberglass Farm Fencing Post

Fiberglass fence post for electrical fence system is made by pultrusion process with E-glass and UV based polyester resin,which can reach very high strength, good insulation and durability property. and it causes the following benefits:

Maintenance Free:                           

Will not rot   

Will not rust   

Will not crack due to cold or hot weather   


Cannot cause a short   

Eliminate insulators forever   

Durable:Flex upon impact                             

Over 2 times the strength of equivalent steel     


Easy to Install:                                        

Lightweight- 1/4 the weight of steel

Pointed tip drive easily   

Cost Effective:

SAVE: eliminates replacing damaged insulators   

SAVE: eliminates tracking down shorts at the post   

SAVE: eliminates realigning tilted or replacing rotted or rusted posts   

SAVE: faster, easier installations and can be installed by machine

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