HUAHAO Composite is an experienced FRP pultrusions manufacturer in China, which uses a unique manufacturing process to produce quality fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites with reasonable price. With over 15 years of experience in the pultrusion industry, our products offer practical solutions to customer problems. Our expertise, innovation, quality and competitiveness have led to industry leadership in uni-directionally reinforced pultrusions, complex custom FRP profile shapes composite products.

Our Factory

HUAHAO composite is located in the Nanjing city, Jianghshu of China, with workshop area more than 6,000 square meters.

Our Product

Our product line consists of various sizes and shapes of pultruded fiberglass, carbon fiber, fiberglass rods,bars,strips,profiles.

1.FRP Strengthening Strips,CFRP plates,FRP strips

2.GFRP dowel bars and pavement tie rods

3.FRP Cross-arms, L angles, I beams, C channels

4.Fiberglass stake as plant stakes- fiberglass tree stakes, vineyard stakes, low tunnel hoops, garden stakes

5.Fiberglass fence posts for electric fencing, step-in posts

6.Driveway Markers,Snow stake

7.Fiberglass tubes as tool handles & telescoping extension poles

8.Pre-preg Roll-wrapped composite ( carbon fiber and fiberglass) tubes

9.Fiberglass curtain rods & Bars as roman blind rods, weight bars, drapery baton wands

10.Pultruded structural FRP profiles

11.Custom FRP products

Any combination of different reinforcements such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, and resin matrix such as polyester, Vinyl ester, Epoxy, Phenolics, as well as various colors are available.

Our product line' s success is made by the high degree of consistency in product quality. Our technical, engineering and quality personnel assure material qualification and product quality to exacting design specifications. State-of-the-art commercial machinery and proprietary custom design equipment are employed to achieve efficient processing of consistent quality composite products.

We have our own laboratory with testing machines, which can be used to conduct testing on raw materials and finished products, and this makes Strong Composite products quality controlled well and constant to meet our customers'   specific properties required.

Production Equipment

We have 9 pultrusions lines.

Production Market

More than 80% of our products are exported to the North American countries, European countries as well as Australia,New Zealand and other countries.

Our service

We can make custom FRP products, and provide assistance with design, tooling and fabrication from concept to completion. We constantly diversify and expand our capabilities to meet an extensive assortment of composite applications.

Strong Composite Provides:

- High Quality

- Competitive Price

- Quantity Discounts

- Quick Service

Product Application

Strong Composite multiprocess technology, applied to customer needs, results in successful solutions in demanding requirements. Strong Composite excellent products and service enable us to provide actual solutions in the following industries:                                                                     

Driveway markers Snow markers                   

Tool handles                             

Plant support Nursery stakes, Tree stakes

Curtain pull

Fence posts

Green house frames

Garden stakes

Net supports,row cover hoops

Composite Rebars                                                                                       

Dowel bars for concrete pavements                                                                 

Cable trays

Insulator rods

Cross arms and gripper rods

Extension Poles